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A blend of Chinese ingredients and Malay cooking styles

The Peranakans are descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled in Penang , Singapore, and Indonesia, inter-marrying with the local Malays. A  female Peranakan is known as Nyonya, and a male Peranakan is known as Baba. Nyonya cuisine is a fusion of local ingredients, traditional Chinese cooking techniques and flourishes of both colonial (Dutch, Portuguese and English) and neighbourly (Thai and Indian) influence. 


"Cuisine is not a product made by hand,  it is a product made by the heart"


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The Peranakan cuisine is typically aromatic and spicy, and features ingredients that reflect its hybridised roots. This includes the use of Malay spices such as belacan (dried fermented shrimp paste) and daun limau purut (kaffir lime leaf), as well as ingredients more common to Chinese Food.